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Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm back and I need to be wireless!

It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog. I’ve been wanting to update this but I’m super into other the things happening in my life right now that I’ve never had the chance to even log into my Blogspot account.

Well, as you know, I have another blog which was set-up probably a year ago or so, but that blog has also been idle all this time. I have plans of owning a domain for that blog to make it more personal, and I’m hoping I could work on that in the next weeks to come.

Good thing my mom has an amazing timing for getting a new gadget for us to use. I’m really glad my mom decided to get us a laptop a few months back, which means I could work more on my blog and my thesis from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. And it’s about time to get a new PC since our desktop is seconds away from breaking down!

Since having a new mobile PC means I can work in the comforts of my own room, I’ve also been thinking of getting a wireless router to be able to access the internet from anywhere in the house. I’m looking through several brands and models available on since they offer a wide variety of wireless routers. I specifically looked into the site because they have lots of info regarding the product I want, including a complete buying guide. Plus, they offer reviews so it really helps buyers decide which product to get.

It's finally time to work on this blog again, and I think I need to ask Mom for that wireless router so that I could perfect the resurrection of this blog. Her amazing timing is what I need right now!

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