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Friday, October 28, 2005


One day after I started with my pimpin' project, the pimp god gave me a sign of failure: The freakin' music is not playing, for freakinsakes.

But then, maybe the file's too big. Maybe the mp3 file is huge.

I shall not let this bring me down. After all, I aspire to universal domination.



Did someone say sem-break? WoOhOo! FINALLY!


Am I the one who can make you fly up above?
Is it me who can take you higher than you're dreaming of?

- from a song by an old artist (wala lang...)


The best line I heard last weekend:

From Glen to Harris (on column packing for chromatography):
"Your column packing is not good, you packing bastard!"

Nice one.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Pimp My Blog

Today, I officially launch my new project:

Yes, I have decided to pimp / design / work my ass off to make this blog more than just eye candy.

One of the first things that you may notice as part of my pimpin' project is the music. In case you can't hear it, I had embedded music in this site to keep you company (but I do hear it when I open the site). Sometimes your computer might still download the whole song before it plays.

In case you don't want to hear the music, you have no choice. It plays without an option for you to turn it off.

Apparently, the music doesn't fit the design of this blog but just listen to the song. It has beautiful, feel-good lyrics. This blog might also take a while to load for those who use dial-up. That's because I have a lot of loaded pics here, plus the music.

A part of my pimpin' project is the Memories link over at the side bar of this blog. I had this idea when I was looking at some old photos given to me by Kitt, all saved in a disc. Then I thought of posting some of the most memorable events I went though for the past years.

Another thing that needs pimpin' is the site layout. The layout might take a while to finish but I think I can work that out. I also plan to change the image, the colors, etc.

Everything is possible but it still needs brainstorming. So if you have any idea or suggestions on what to put or change in this site, please email me by clicking this link.

You can also leave your suggestions at the tag board. =)

Thanks a lot to those who visit this blog. *hugs* (Hayden is a new convert! Yay!)

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What's with the song?

I have been feeling that I should make the most out of what I have right now. Because everything will soon be gone. Just like what the song is all about.

This is for Lani and Chris and all the people who are such happy bunnies, who in one way or another had lighten up one of my gloomy days.

"Life is a day that doesn't last for long..."

Gone by Switchfoot

She told him she'd rather fix her makeup
Than try to fix what's going on
But the problem keeps on calling
Even with the cellphone gone

She told him that she believes in living
Bigger than she's living now
But her world keeps spinning backwards and upsidedown

Don't say so long, and throw yourself wrong
Don't spend today away, coz today will soon be...

Gone, like yesterday is gone,
Like history is
Gone, just trying to prove me wrong
And pretend like you're immortal

She said he said live like no tomorrow
Every day we borrow
Brings us one step closer to the edge (infinity)

Where's your treasure, where's your hope
If you get the world and lose your soul
She pretends like she pretends like she's immortal

Don't say so long
You're not that far gone
This could be your big chance to makeup
Today will soon be...

Gone, like yesterday is gone,
Like history is gone,
The world keeps spinning on,
Your going, going gone,
Like summer break is gone,
Like Saturday is gone
Just try to prove me wrong
You pretend like your immortal your immortal

We are not infinite, we are not permanent
Nothing is immediate, we're so confident
In our accomplishments
Look at our decadence

Gone, like Frank Sinatra
Like Elvis and his mom
Like Al Pacino's cash nothing lasts in this life
My highschool dreams are gone
My childhood sweets are gone
Life is a day that doesn't last for long

Life is more than money,
Time was never money
Time was never cash,

Life is still more than girls
Life is more than hundred dollar bills
And roto-tom fills
Life's more than fame and rock and roll and thrills
All the riches of the kings
End up in wills we got information in the information age
But do we know what life is outside of our convenient Lexus cages

She said he said live like no tomorrow
Every moment that we borrow
Brings us closer to the God who's not short of cash
Hey Bono I'm, glad you asked

Life is still worth living, life is still worth living...

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I'll miss you.

Goodbye for now, my iPod.

I know you don't want us to part but we have no choice. You have a problem with your battery and that keeps us from spending quality time.

You see, I charge you frequently. I see to it that the icon on the screen indicates that your battery is full. But then you just show a warning that you have no more power.

Is it me or it's just you? I brought you to the Apple Center and they said they have to take a look at you. So you'll be with them for the next couple of weeks. They will also send you to Singapore to have your battery replaced.

But they also said that if they find out that you have serious defects, they might replace you with a new one.

For now, I shall be happy with what's left of you.

Like those can bring happiness. Frankly, nothing or no one does it better like you do.

Hang on there. Don't fret. I shall have you back in 3 weeks. Three weeks, for chrissakes.

Bring me lotsa Singaporean lovin'. I'll miss you.

In blood,


Yeah, they took my iPod to have it checked in Singapore because they don't open iPods here. Say it's pathetic but I really feel gloomy. My iPod has been a part of me. I feel already naked without it.

No iPod, no brilliance. No music, no life.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

My favorite new things

School removed shopping from my dictionary for about a month or two. But then that's something I would not allow to last for long.

After weeks and weeks and weeks of nerdiness, I felt the need to waste, oh, spend rather, my money to buy some things.

First, this Tootsieroll shirt. It's cute, donchathink? And the color's nice too! And it's a ringer tee. I love it!

Second, this white music shirt. I like the message of the shirt. Plus I'm fascinated with the color green lately.

Third, this silver, super-shiny-it-reflects-sunlight-and-looks-intergalactic tote bag. It looks small in the pic but it's big enough to contain everything but our kitchen sink. I think it's great for school and my plain shirts.

This one I didn't buy. My tita gave this to me because I passed the board. Again, it's green!

You know the feeling when you have new stuff to wear out? You have to agree with me: It's superb.


Finally, after weeks of non-blogging, I got the chance to go online and post things that's been happening.

You see, I've been bombarded with school stuff and I got really busy. In fact, I still have two final exams, two quizzes, and two review papers to go, all due the coming week. But a lot has been going on, and I want to post them now or else they'll all be buried with me when I break down next week.

Just a reminder: BEWARE! A lot of rewinds / flashbacks to be done. I did several posts already and placed them under the dates they should have been posted.

Thanks to those who visit this blog. Wag kayo magsasawa. =)

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Doodles caboodles

WARNING: This post is non-sense and is a product of minds who have nothing to do in class but scribble down whatever things.

A three-hour lecture in organic chem is torture. Having a professor who talks like she's giving a lullaby is even more torture. You get the picture?

This afternoon, I wasn't able to stand it. I had to divert my attention. I just had a final exam in the morning and my brain is not working properly. Organic chemistry was too much. I can only feed my brain with light stuff.

Ladies and gentlemen, the stars of this doodle post.

Emar and myself started a paper chat with this...

...when I decided to draw the four stages of eye closure.

I passed the paper around for my classmates to see. So everyone started joining in.

Imagine our situation with the aircon broken. Chris felt like she was a candle.

For me, it was like my brain was placed on a frying pan set on fire, which Emar thought was "damo".

Emar, on the other hand, felt like her brain will shrink upon exposure to heat or UV light, plus a weird hypnotized look as a reaction side product.

And can you tell how Prue felt?

Erick seemed to agree with my eye stages.

Hannah agreed with me too.

And she also missed Teij.

Chris nearly gave up. And had some wishful thinking.

By passing it around, the paper ended up like this.

I'm sure Garet wrote something. It's somewhere there.

The end.

(Yeah, it's non-sense. I warned you.)

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Oath taking = Picture taking

Not much really happened, except that we took lots of pictures.

Upon reaching the lobby of the Manila Hotel, many of my batchmates were already posing for pics. That I shouldn't miss.

As soon as we got our table, we were ready for another shot.

Soon our other batchmates started gathering around our table.

Believe me, there were many other pics. As in MANY. Standing, sitting, in action, name it. The event was more like a pictorial than an oath taking ceremony.

The program started. The board placers were called, then the speakers started giving their pieces. It was then time to take our oath. TJ went out just before we started taking out oath, and when he returned we were already finished. So he took the oath alone, with us as witnesses.

Snacks were then served.

Just that. But then again, it's Manila Hotel. Take the name. The NAME.

Before we all took our separate ways home, the barx posed for one last shot. We were down to five.

Emar, Erick, and myself went with Kat because she will drop us by the school. We still had to go back to school to pick up our supposedly take-home exam. We passed by Mendiola and this was the barricade blocking the street.

That was only half of Mendiola. The other half had almost the same number or policemen and trucks. In fact, this was just before Fr. Robert Reyes and former Vice President Guingona got shot with high pressure water hoses.

We got to school and found out our take-home exam was not take-home anymore. We had to take it right there and then.

In my mind I hear Sir Garcia saying, "Hey, this is a surprise FINAL exam in chrom! I don't care if you didn't review! I don't care if I promised it will be taken home! I just expect you to do three things: you give me the right answer, your give me the wrong answer, or wet your pants." I chose to wet my pants. Bleh.

Yeah, you know what happens when you are surprised with a surprise exam. Oh, and not just an ordinary exam, a surprise FINALS exam.

God bless you, Sir Garcia.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Swimming Street

We had our usual late Chrom class with Sir Garcia last night. I knew I was the last one to report and I thought we can go home early, after all it was only 8:30 pm. But then after my report, there we two girls who told Sir that they still have to report. They didn't sign the attendance sheet so they we not on the list, but Sir allowed them to report anyway.

Five minutes had gone by, I found no interest in what they where saying. Plus of course the fact that I'm all set to go home, I couldn't get my ears to listen to them. Then suddenly it started raining hard. And I mean HARD.

The girls finished their report at around 9 pm, happy because terrible questions were not asked to them. And there I was, worried because it looked like the rain wouldn't stop for the next hour or so.

I walked to Espana with Emar. The rain was still hitting hard on our umbrellas. It was so hard that even with umbrellas we still got wet. When we reached Espana, a horrible site awaited us. The whole street was flooded and it was impossible to pass.

Just to make it clear, the UST campus does not get flooded. It did before, like some 10 years ago. But now, drainage inside the campus is okay, we even have our own waste water treatment. The problem is the drainage system around UST. It is the perimeter of UST that disappears and not the campus itself. But the thing is, even if the campus is not flooded but its surrounding streets are, then you still get stranded.

The real problem is with the drainage system of Manila. In fact, even Taft gets flooded. Even the streets around Manila City Hall get flooded. I think a lot of drainages around Manila will be affected just to fix this problem.

Anyway, back to my adventure.

The water level in Espana was getting high, in fact it started to get inside the campus. You see, the UST campus is a few inches higher than the streets surrounding it. But with such heavy rain, it is impossible to have the campus sides and corners not touched by flood water.

I didn't have my camera (of all the days, I thought), good thing Emar has her phone. Although it was small with low resolution, it captured scenes from our adventure.

We took a picture when we reached one of the Espana gates. Note: all smiles parin. A

All smiles even if my folded pants were dripping. Good thing I was wearing flip-flops, at least it saved me the trouble of washing shoes wet from the rain.

Then we took a picture of the corner right in front of us.

Yep, that's water. It looks more like this minus the water.

But have you seen Espana? (View from inside the campus)

Which looks like this without flood.

We were trying to figure out how to get home but our moms advised us to stay inside the campus. Then suddenly we saw Gordon, who seemed like he was talking to the frogs in the bushes.

We headed to the UST Hospital since it was the only opened building inside, although we were sure that many others were stranded but we were to lazy to walk around. There we other people waiting in the hospital lobby.

We went insde looked for food because we were terribly hungry. We found the hospital canteen nearly closing with just sandwiches left. But who cares? We ate whatever was left.

Then we stayed in the lobby where there was a TV, some chairs, and a coffee store. We stayed there for more than five hours. Then we checked if the streets were clear to let us pass by. We saw vehicles passing and people walking. It was 3:00 am.

So then I decided to go home. I got a taxi inside the campus.

The driver said, "May isang estudyante dun na pumapara, kaya lang niradyo na ng guard dun na may pasahero sa ospital."

I said, "Taga san po ba? Baka pwede na natin isabay, kawawa naman." He said, "Taga Mandaluyong daw."

"Sige po, isabay nalang natin. Tapos sa EDSA nalang tayo dumaan," I told him.

So we let the other student hop in. He was a Science student like me, and he writes for Varsi. He said he usually goes home late because of his org. I asked him, "Bakit hindi ka nag-try sa CSJ? Taga CSJ ako dati. Sana nag Journal ka." He said, "Kasi nung magpa-pass ako ng application tapos na daw eh."

Oh well. At least I had company along the way. I got home after an hour and then made a short post.

Some adventure, eh?!

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Prelude to My Nearly-Jumping-In-to-Swim Adventure

It's 3:58 am. I got home around 10 minutes ago.

Why so late when tomorrow (or later) is a school day?

The reason: I was stranded in the UST campus because the surrounding streets were flooded and I stayed in the hospital till the water subsided. I checked my watch, it was 3:00 am.

I cannot let this night pass without posting at least a bit of my most unbelievable experience in 5 or 6 years. Will post the details and pictures tomorrow.

Right now, I need to hit the bed. I have to wake up for an 8:00 am class in two hours.

God, I can't believe I'll sleep on MY bed tonight.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Spare me, please.

Looks like karma is on its way. I know I should be feeling numb by now.

I cannot look at my to-do list for the coming days. Just peeping gives me a head-spinning experience.

Just in case I die in the next few days because of a ermm..broken neck... tell my mom it's because of this list:

1) Chrom report on Friday 10/7 (This is the world's annihilation. Forgive me, Sir Garcia, for I have sinned!)

2) Two case studies due anytime next week 10/10-14

3) Optical prelims 10/10-14 (postponed indefinitely)

4) THESIS proposal on Tuesday 10/11 (This is the real killer!)

5) Finals on four other subjects 10/10-15

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sniff. I miss college...

College is probably one of the best times of my life. My barx was amazing, my classmates were great, my org was the best, and the whole College is just wonderful.

One of the best things that made my stay really worthwhile was my Student Council peers. Thing is, I still have strong attachment to them, and since the Main Building is just across the grad school building, going to the Council office is not a problem. That's why I make my visit almost everyday.

Yesterday was another tambay day in the council. I found Sheila distributing yearbooks to our batchmates.

To tell you honestly, the Council office is the best place to make tambay after class. It has two computers with internet connections, an aircon, a couch, a big table, and amazing people. I found Jolleen, Allan, and Eds sitting on the couch.

Look. Who's making pa-cute?

Venz and JC came in. They wanted to eat dinner and it was only 5:00 pm. So together with Venz, JC, and Allan, I ate dinner at 1611 Grille, the newest tambayan along P. Noval. It's one dark place almost covered with cigarette smoke. It's one place you can not deny coming from because it leaves its distinct smell on your clothes.

Anyway, after dinner we stayed at Cafe Geek to drain ourselves in caffein. (L-R: JC, Venz, Me)

Later on, Prince came over to have coffee too.

Then we had to go home. They have exams and I have to make a report. I also have my finals. And I still have to do my thesis proposal.

I missed my class today because I woke up late, therefore I missed a week's lecture. You see, now it's more serious. I miss my happy-go-lucky days. I really miss college. Somebody pass the tissue box, please.

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Somebody tell me how to stop celebrating

When we Filipinos say it's a celebration, there has to be food and/or alcoholic beverages. Mom says I'm allergic to alcoholic drinks (or so she THINKS), so in my case celebration is just having food. Yummy, delectable foods.

The celebration does not seem to end. I don't think it will be over anytime soon because in my list there are three more "Board Aftermath Celebrations" I have to attend to. Who knows, someone might just invite me for the fourth.

Last night was my turn to throw a party for passing the board. This was the banner that stunned my guests upon reaching our gate. My new profession was undeniable.

I didn't simply print that. I printed letter outlines, cut the letters out, traced it on black cartolina, and then finally glued the letters to bright yellow papers. Talk about effort for a banner.

Mom prepared most of the food. I cooked the pasta and the leche flan. Tita Cecille brought seafood while Tita Jo gave me Hamonado.

I had the balloons and the party hats ordered, all right. (L-R:Erick, Anne, Emar, Kit)

But I wasn't able to come up with games. Dang.

Anyway, my cousins were there to party with me. Gelo, Kuya Jay, Leah, and my other cousins were also there. But they were busy discussing anime with my sister. It was just Ate Peachy, Ate Alma, and Jobelle who were ready for a shot.

And another one, please. (L-R: Jobelle, Ate Alma, Ate Peachy, Me)

It was a Flip-flop party too. Why? Go figure.

It appears that I'm not the only one who is addicted to Havaianas. Even my cousins are hooked. (From bottom then clockwise: mine, Brasil; Ate Peachy's, hearts; Jhozelle's, floral; Jobelle's, butterfly; Ate Alma's, Fashion)

The celebration was, of course, not missed by my fellow new chemists. Gorgeous new chemists and two nurses. We now contribute to the unemployment rate of the country.

Oh, and you know the Barx Girls are cam whores.

The night would not be complete without the Shnoitz. Leah and Peter came and left early because they still need to attend a meeting in Antipolo. I have pictures with them but most of the shots looked like fight scenes for the next installment of the Matrix so I'd rather not have them posted.

Anna, Raffy, Nica and Pat came minutes after Peter and Leah left. George was the last to arrive at around 11:30 pm (George not included in the photo).

I have nothing left to say. It was an amazing night. Thanks to everyone. Thank you, mom and dad. Thank you, Lord. This made me so happy. Really very happy.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

How to prepare for a party in 18 hours

Almost 18 hours left to prepare. I've got games. I have balloons. There will be party hats. And a big, big banner.

Thing is, it's all in my mind. I haven't ordered the balloons. Haven't bought the hats yet. I'm still thinking of nice games. And the banner, well, the banner's on it's way.

Urgent. Need to think ASAP. ASAP. ASAP. Need to materialize in 18 hours.

We'll see.

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