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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodbye, my soon-to-be-but-never-will-be curly hair!

Alright, this is so random of me. While I was typing my thesis manuscript just before doing this post, I suddenly thought, "How am I going to have curly hair now? ARGH!"

Last Sunday, the impulsive diva inside me took over my decisions. I went into the salon to have my eyebrows trimmed and shaped and since I felt like doing something with my hair because I was starting to get bored with it, I told the receptionist, "I'd have a hair-cut, please." Argh. Stupid, stupid girl.

I have been planning to have my hair curled and that was the reason why I've been growing my hair for some time now. Not the kinky type of curls but, you know, the wavy big curls that make dull girls look ultra Hollywood-sexy. But because of my out-of-nowhere decision, I shall be saying goodbye to my soon-to-be-but-never-will-be curly hair. It's too short now to have waves. Boo.

I do not have a pic of my new hair style. It isn't new actually; this is the same style I've been getting since last year - layers on the side with side bangs - only shorter than usual. I dunno if the stylist made a mistake or something. The side-swept bangs were cut shorter than it should have been so it sort of pops out in a way I couldn't describe. Can't do anything about it though, so I guess I just have to wait for my hair to grow back again. But hey, it's not like I hate my hair style right now. It's just that I feel it could've been better if I wasn't so impulsive in the first place. Now thinking about how long I need to wait for my hair to grow back is killing me.

Lesson: never be impulsive when it comes to your hair. An inch cut is an inch you can never get back. Woot?!

Enough drama about hair. Back to work now.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday #10: Summer is LOVE

So far away.


15-16 May 2008. Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas.


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Friday, June 06, 2008

When life throws you lemons...

...stomp over them and throw em back!

I'm getting sick and tired of the things life has been throwing at me. I wanna be mad, I wanna scream, I wanna fight life back... but man, I know better than that. It's just that sometimes you wonder: why is life throwing you overwhelming troubles when you've been so good to everybody else?

Hay buhay. Mabait lang talaga siguro ako. Maybe the evil one is testing its powers over me, but I will not give in. Then again, my patience can only do so much. I might just snap one day.

Oh well. Life's a bitch, alright.


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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Blame it on boredom.

So after a month, I finally decided to blog back (the Switchfoot video isn't counted because I posted it as a filler to save my blog from being doomed.) And I did this because I am so effin bored waiting for my experiment to finish!

You see, I have spent the last few weeks doing the last few experiments of my thesis. I have to finish this ASAP because I am leaving the country in July (but will be back in a few weeks or so) and this thesis may stop me from going. Hopefully, everything will turn out fine as I can't wait to NOT GO TO THE LAB even for just a day.

For the past few days I have been watching movies online to kill boredom. I watched the The Virgin Suicides yesterday though it took so long to load. I have just finished the book and I've been dying to find a DVD to complement the images of the Lisbons in my head but I just can't seem to find one locally. So I went online, searched movie databases and got lucky to find one site that streams the movie. Yay!

The other day I watched one of my fave movies ever: Wicker Park. Can you tell that I'm a Josh Hartnett fan? Haha! I don't mind watching the movie over and over and over again because I super love it. The. twist. is. just. amazing.

This afternoon I was searching for another Joshie movie -- 40 Days and 40 Nights -- which I got the chance of watching a few years back. But dang, video's not available anywhere online. Boo.

So there. Blame this on boredom. Nothing to watch and nothing to do. Plus, the fact that I am alone right now in the lab isn't helping. Then I thought of logging in to my blog to post an update. I miss doing this once in a while.

I tried updating my blog a couple of times last May but kept on ending up with nothing. My brain is too full of nerdy chemiresistor stuff as well as travel worries for next month that I have no time to blog nor check mail. But now that I am about to spend more time at home to prepare my thesis manuscript, I honestly hope to do the entries that are long over due. I am tired of planning blog posts that never get to go online.

Oh well, gotta get back to work now. I so want this to be over na!

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