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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Traveling is the ish!

I am a travel freak. I have an urge to travel the world. I feel a certain high whenever I ride planes and I feel excited when I am in an airport. I have this certain need to see the world, its beauty, its splendor.

I started traveling really young. My Mom would tag us along whenever she visits my Dad in Hong Kong. In my younger years, summer meant spending time in Ocean Park or Victoria Peak while most of our classmates were stuck at home watching 10AM cartoons in a local channel. Long weekends meant a tour in China to buy cheap Shaolin figurines that managed to survive till this day. This early exposure to other cultures probably led me to love traveling as an adult.

Speaking of traveling, I've been planning to visit some popular sites in the South East Asia this year with some friends. Thanks to the internet, trips can be planned and scheduled cheap and hassle-free. I found several site that give tips on how to plan a day-to-day travel itinerary and find popular attractions in certain places. The internet is also very useful when looking for cheap flights around the world. Imagine a flight to and from Malaysia for only about Php7000? Behold the power of the internet!

I'm definitely planning my next vacay and it's definitely going to happen soon! I never thought planning a trip can be this fun and easy. See you on the other side of the planet!


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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Paid Blogger

I've been around the blogosphere for quite a while, and I can say that the whole blogging experience has been a roller coaster ride. There were times that I always felt like blogging; I was always on a high and excited to start writing about how my day went. I'd construct the blog post in my head on my way home so that I could start the blog post ASAP. I have shared a myriad of thoughts through my blog, from the simplest of things (like my dog destroying my newly bought flip flops) to the huge events in my life (like passing the dreaded Chem boards), name it and I have probably blogged something about it.

My blogging experience came full circle when I started doing reviews for advertisers more than a year ago. It was fun doing it because I get to update my blog regularly. What's even better is I get a little moolah for doing it. Paid for doing what you love. That's sweet.

So anyway, I've been looking around (again!) for ways to get paid to post an entry on my blog (since I wanna do this for quite some time). Blog marketing has created a huge buzz among bloggers I know so I kinda would want to ride the wave as well. Not only that, but I like idea of advertising on blogs because it's easy, links are kept for a loooong time, and different people can write different ways to effectively present and advertise a product.

Speaking of blogging and earning from it, I stumbled upon the site the other day and it has since then caught my interest. It was quite easy for me to understand how the site and their offers work, and it made me excited to do paid blogging again. Besides, this whole thing works for me since I stay at home most of the time and I have plenty of time to spend online.

I'm back to doing ads again and I'm loving it. Here's to more entries and more moolah!


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