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Friday, May 22, 2009

Post Gameshow Blah Blahs

I went home unbelievably tired Tuesday night because I went to the taping of the gameshow I was in. I was there 10 AM, but the taping prolly started around 3 PM or so. It was super hot and I was wearing a Japanese inspired satin top... ang init diba? Kasi naman I was thinking if ever I win, dapat maganda ang itsura sa TV!

I didn't bring a bag but I brought an extra top because we were instructed to bring one in case we have to tape for another episode. I didn't use it though because I didn't join the next batch of players. None of us did. Haha. I brought some kikay stuff anyway, even though we were discouraged to bring other things aside from our wallets, cellphones, IDs, and extra tops. Ganon talaga eh, I had to make sure that my TV appearance is worth the hours standing in super long lines. My kikay stuff were in my pouch together with my phone and wallet, and we were made to leave all our other things outside the studio. So we had to leave our extra tops outside. Take note: they discourage use of paper bags. PLASTIC bags lang talaga. Kainis, nakakasira ng porma. Hahaha.

Anyway, bad trip lang because they said come in semiformal attire. So nag effort naman ako. Tiniis ang init at ang hirap ng pagcommute. Jeep to Magallanes, MRT to Cubao, LRT to Santolan, then taxi to the studio. Tapos when I got there some people were wearing jeans and some were in shirts. Sabi ngang walang magshi-shirt eh. Can't follow instructionsssss. Face the wall na yan! Haha. Bad trip. Sana nag jeans na lang din ako. Masunurin kasi ako sa dress code eh!

We waited for like 4 hours before the the actual taping. The game itself lasted for less than an hour. It all happened so fast; before I knew it, the game was already over. And if you want to ask what happened to me... I didn't win. Somebody else did. Hahahaha. OLATS. But then again, it was a fun experience. Pero I prolly wouldn't try it again. It was a game of luck which I have no control of. Sobrang slim ng chance to win.

So there. My gameshow experience from the screening to the taping has been quite refreshing pero at the same time draining. There were lots of things that happened along the way pero I'm too lazy to recall everything. Haha. Oh, and I don't think I'm allowed to say the gameshow's name because the episode I am in has not been aired yet. We signed waivers and stuff kaya secret muna. Watch out nalang in the coming days. Hahaha.

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