Bleeding and Believing

Monday, December 31, 2007

Tell me how to breathe.

Because bringing my camera proved to be futile, my short stories would have to suffice for now until I get copies of the pictures we took from Ate Peachy.

Nobody probably wants to know what happened to my activities scheduled for the weekend, but I'd blog about it anyway, simply because I can't imagine how I got through every single day without passing out!

28 December 2007 (Friday)

I had six schedule activities last Friday and because I have to admit that I have no superhuman powers, I got only three of them done.

My 8 AM PCASTRD trip happened 6 hours late, so I ended up rushing to attend the Parish Youth Ministry's Christmas party for the less fortunate kids which was supposed to start at 1 PM. I was able to make it to the party's venue; however, the party was nearly done when I got there.

In the evening, my whole family met up with Tito Boy, Tita Alice, and Kristina to watch a stand-up comedy in Quezon City. We were all laughing so hard the whole night! Man, the gays were hilarious! When we went home at around 3 AM, the show was not even over yet!

29 December 2007 (Saturday)

Because we went home late the night before, I expected myself to wake up late too on a lazy Saturday. I wasn't able to attend to my thesis and our Tagaytay was called off the last minute, so I thought I'd bum the whole day... that was until my whole family (including my cousins) suddenly decided to schedule a dinner with Tito Boy and his family, which means I had to miss both my originally scheduled Christmas parties for the night!

We had dinner at Hula Hula in Alabang and had desserts at Cafe Breton. Had the chance to chat with Kristina that night. It's always nice to bond with a cousin who's in Manila for the first time.

At 12 AM, my night was far from over as Leah picked me up to hang out at Starbucks Sucat Road. You know naman, girls would always have time to do a little chit chat called girl talk, take note, no matter how tired/busy/insane they are! Haha!

30 December 2007 (Sunday)

Of course, waking up on a Sunday is the best! It's 11 AM and nobody really cares!

Anyway, we went to the Manalangsang family reunion in Tayuman for lunch. Cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews -- name it! Everybody was there! We could never miss this gathering ever! Too bad Ate Ricca, Tita Thess, and Tito Bong can only watch us from the webcam! You guys MUST join us in the flesh next year!

Siyempre, a Filipino gathering can never be complete without karaoke! Kesehodang wala sa tono. Mom even danced to my "I Will Survive" song. Karaoke surely gets everyone hyped up! Even Kristina sang Tagalog songs!

I left a few hours later because (argh!) I needed to attend an interview in (eeeep!) Las Piñas for my Aussie trip next year. I wished it was scheduled in the morning and not at 4:30 PM because we wanted to go shopping pa and bond some more with Tito Boy, Tita Alice, and Kristina (since they've been gone for so long and they're leaving for the US later today).

After the interview, me and my mom went back to Tayuman to pick up Tito Boy and his family and bring them to Market! Market!/Serendra/Bonifacio High Street for a last-minute bonding/shopping time. I'd love to show them around but we got there pretty late na so they were not able to do much shopping. Good thing Tita was able to buy the accessories she was looking for since she got here and some pasalubong for friends back in the US.

We wanted to stroll around High Street, but we unfortunately have to go back ASAP to the hotel where they were staying at in Manila because a family friend of theirs was waiting for them to send some last-minute regards.

SO THERE. Haaaay.

I don't wanna forget about what happened to the last few days of my 2007, so I am making sure I post these things before the year ends. I promise to post detailed stories (as if this isn't detailed enough!) as soon as I get the pics from Ate Peachy.

A part of me is jumping for joy right now because I can finally breathe after a tiring (but super fun!) weekend. A part of me is sad, well, because I really don't like ending years. It's like saying goodbye to all the good things that went by.

I am off to hit the sack now. Hopefully, I get the chance to do a year-ender later. Can't do it now, I feel like my head's spinning non-stop. Give me some time to put it back in place. Tata!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Try my shoes

28 December 2007 (Friday)

1. Submit PCASTRD letter (8 AM)
2. Go to school for experiment (8 AM to 5 PM)
3. Parish Youth Ministry's Christmas party for the less fortunate kids (1 PM - 5 PM)
4. Hannah's request: Visit Lia in the afternoon (probably around 2 PM and onwards)
5. Shopping again with Tita Alice (?) (after lunch)
6. Comedy bar with Tito Boy and his family (evening)

29 December 2007 (Saturday)

1. Go to school for experiment (8 AM to 5 PM)
2. Tagaytay with Tito Boy and the whole family (lunch till afternoon)
3. Lectors and Commentators Christmas party (7 PM)
4. Better Living DWTL Christmas Party (8 PM)
5. Poker/Gambling night (9 PM and onwards)

30 December 2007 (Sunday)

1. Manalangsang family reunion (whole day)
2. Aussie WYD screening (4 PM)
3. Poker/Gambling night (9 PM and onwards)

Should I start breaking myself into pieces now? How in the world will I do/attend all these?!

Kill me, please! NOW NA!


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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kuya Jess!

Wow! Your 2007th B-day!

Thank you for keeping me sane all these years. Thank you for always rocking my world! Happy birthday, Kuya Jess!

And to everyone else who visits my blog, may you have a joyous Christmas filled with love and peace. Merry Christmas to you and your families!


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Boat donations

Remember my post about the group that accepts car donations to produce projects for the benefit of many unfortunate kids and adults?

As I was browsing the net one boring afternoon, I was thrilled to find another online site that does the same kind of charity work. I think these two are probably sister sites. This time, donations are boats instead of cars. Cool, eh?

With Boat Angel, people can donate boats and turn these donations to children’s animation DVDs, anti-drug documentaries, and other charity projects. What Boat Angel does is accept boat donations and sell them over at eBay. The money they get from selling donations is what they use to create Christian animation DVDs and other documentaries which they distribute and ship for free!

Boat Angel just finished the anti-drug documentary they produced starring skateboard legends like Hosoi, Martinez, and Logan. In the said documentary, the legends talk about their rise to fame and their fall because of drug abuse. I think this is a very good tool to make the youth of today realize how drugs can bring them down and destroy their lives.

I would definitely donate my boat to Boat Angel if I had one. I probably couldn’t use it around Manila, right? I mean, with the traffic and all that jazz? =P

Check out Boat Angel online by clicking this. You can also watch the videos Boat Angel produces via YouTube.


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Sunday, December 23, 2007

3rd devil down

Yes, another devil has fallen.

After Hannah was side-swiped by an 18-wheeler along SLEX...

After Lia got herself into some serious foot ligament injury caused by PUV carelessness along Alabang Zapote Road...

It's my turn!

After 5 years since I learned how to drive, I got myself into a very minor car accident for the first time yesterday. As Mom was about to get off to buy some meds in the drugstore, a CRV accidentally hit our car while it was backing off. The driver probably didn't notice us parked behind, and his mind was probably somewhere else because I kept honking to make him stop and wait for me to move my car first, yet he still went on.

The CRV's driver admitted his mistake and told us he was looking only at the right side mirror so he really didn't notice us. I thought the damage was huge because it made a pretty big cracking sound. Buti nalang it produced only a small dent on the right side of the car just above the rear wheel. I let Mom talk things out with him because I was really annoyed and pissed... I might let out the bitch in me eh. Good thing din na small lang yung dent and the guy agreed to pay for the damage he caused.

I tell you, the feeling was terrible as you see your car being hit. Traumatic talaga. In fact, on the way home, I was paranoid that all cars coming near me will hit me!

So... I am the third of the evil girls to fall. Two more are left. Be careful, both of you! They're out to get us! Haha!


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Page Rank my a**!

ZERO?! What the..?!

Okay. I know PR is important to us paid bloggers, right? But with all the PR drops happening every now and then, WHO STILL CARES?! Too bad advertisers use this UNRELIABLE tool to evaluate blogs. Boo.

Boo Google. Boo Mr. Rank. Boo PR Checkers. Boo advertisers who belittle blogs like mine. Hahaha.


I've been super busy the past few days, so no blog updates yet. Hopefully, I get the chance to do all pending works on Sunday.

I miss sleeping! I miss shopping! I wanna bum!


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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket

Another Friday of a DWTL Weekend had gone by. It may be the start of a life changing experience for the 18 participants, but as for me, it was another fulfilling Friday where I shared a piece of myself with two youngsters, a lady and a gentleman. =)

The venue was in a heaven located along the uphill road of Antipolo, a place where stars seem so close when you gaze up on them. While I was doing the activity for Friday night, I observed 14 FALLING STARS right in the dark sky above me! It was my first time ever to see such beauty, not to mention the abundance of it last night! It was a meteor shower!

Jess must be telling me that He's all over the place, watching and guiding us through the tough night. Thank you, Kuya. You have never failed us. Basta ikaw. =)



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Thursday, December 13, 2007

To the fate fairy who lives by the sea

Please, please let this be for me. Please. =)


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Comfort foods

I was tagged by Arlene from way back and I had the time to do it just now. A tag on my comfort foods... yumyum! Haha! This is so right for me! Thanks, Arlene!

First would be DONUTS! Krispy Kreme, Go Nuts, or even just Mister Donut! I love them all! In fact, I just ate two donut twists (chocoloate and coffee) from Mister Donut before doing this post. And by the way, not just donuts ha... donuts with chocolate milk drink! Haha! Carbo overload!

Second would be ice cream! Mango or mocha or chocolate flavor. Actually, any flavor is fine with me as long as it's creamy and yummy!

Third would be chips! Junk food! I have a sweet tooth, so I prefer those with a sweet twist. Chips go with a good cold cola.. I'd be a happy girl if you give me chips with Coke or Pepsi!

Feel free to snatch this tag!


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Personal Loans

It is Christmas time again in two weeks, are you done with your shopping? Do you still have enough to last you till the next payday? If not, maybe it’s time you think about getting a loan.

I found a site that offers personal loans that can be obtained online in just a matter of minutes and a few clicks! Application is secure and the loan can be gained for any purpose. The site also tenders prepaid credit cards with rates depending on one’s needs. It’s nice to know that one can still find credit cards for bad credit histories. It’s never been this easy!

My discovery of this site is just in time for my Christmas shopping needs! Maybe it’s in time for you needs too!


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Monday, December 10, 2007

Bumming for the Nth time

I am staying home today after a tiring morning I spent at the Department of Foreign Affairs. I got my passport renewed and to actually be able to do that, I had to stand in line for hours with the overwhelming number of people who are planning to get their butts out of the homeland! In fact, I started to work things out with DFA since Friday because of my "hold departure" thingie! I shall share with you stories from this adventure of mine next time.

Goodbye 1992 passport. Maroon, machine-readable passport, I shall wait for you.

I will be watching ANTM's 12th episode for now. Tata!


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I am a Postie!

I have been with PayPerPost for around a month now, and I have to say I am starting to love the experience of being a PPP Postie.

I was just new with paid blogging when I heard of PPP from my cousin who also gets paid to blog. I didn’t know which sites to check out then, so I decided to pay PPP a visit to check out what’s in store for its bloggers.

And I have to say, I no regrets for that visit of mine. Imagine 200+ opportunities available to PPP bloggers. And the list gets longer every minute or so. Pretty profitable, eh?

PayPerPost is probably the sponsored blogging network with opportunities growing almost everyday. PPP bloggers also get to interact with one another through a forum, which allows them to give support to other bloggers in need of “professional Postie help.”

Moreover, PayPerPost has this program called PayPerPost Direct that extends blogger visibility to advertisers beyond the marketplace. In fact, I installed PPP Direct tools into my blog even before I got approved for the marketplace. That way, advertisers can contact me directly to give me opportunities they would like me to blog about.

If you plan to join the thousands of paid bloggers online, I would highly recommend trying out PayPerPost. Visit their site by clicking this, and get ready to start to “blog about the things you love!”


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Saturday, December 08, 2007

We grew up in the era where Jollibee is more than just a bee

He (or she?! Did you guys ever wonder if Jollibee's a guy or a gal? I did! And I still do!) was a sweetheart. Ulkkk.

I was digging through some old photos when I spotted something I could use to blackmail my brother Abi. This pic was taken during his 7th birthday some 17 years ago at Jollibee Binondo branch. Look who was closey-closey with the bee...

The big, thick glasses. The printed polo shirt. The black leather belt. The grey pants. Plus, the black leather shoes (not seen in this pic, but can be seen in the pic below). HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh my. At the age of 7... Dang! What was Mom and Dad thinking? I think Abi's aware of his fashion preference then, but what he probably doesn't know is that it will someday find its way online.

Sige na nga Abi, so you wouldn't feel too bad about this, here's my closey pic with Jollibee too. Pero siyempre, with you in the pic parin! *evil laugh*

I was in my Sunday best diyan ha! With matching patent leather white slip ons and white socks with ruffles! Hahaha!

You guys should watch out for more of our "old time" pics. I think I'd be doing regular entries on this topic!


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Link Love Chain

This tag is from Jean from waaaaay back pa. Sorry, I did it just now. =)

The rule: When you get tagged, you have to add your name next to the person who tagged you and by doing so you are letting the list grow.
Rachel’s Soulful Thoughts
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Blueberry Cheesecake
Thinking Out Loud
My So-called life
Bleeding and Believing

I'm tagging Ate Rix, Chelle, Emar, and Lia to continue the Love Chain.


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Better Care

Caring for someone can be a very hard experience for anyone. I know that some people even go through care-giving courses just so they could give the right attention to their soon-to-be patients.

Sometimes lessons are not only learned in the classroom or in the care home, but also in the world wide web. offers answers to anyone who has questions about caring for themselves or for their loved ones. The site tackles a wide range of topics, so you can choose the one that is appropriate for your needs. Registered members do not only receive news, regularly updated reviews and caring stories, but also tips on how to handle certain situations straight from caring experts.

What I think is good about the site is that it has a forum where members can discuss topics in real time, so they can be sure that what they get are answers from “real people” and not from some computer generating random answers to questions.

Be sure to visit and get real answers for your caring questions.


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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The gods have spoken

And they said no, the universe is not conspiring for your success, you assuming biatch!

My presentation makes me feel crap. I feel like I'm not going to finish this post grad course in a million years! And it's not helping that I am pioneering this study! That's supposed to be a good thing in the first place!

I know that instead of whining, I should go and prove to myself that I CAN! I know I CAN naman eh, it's just that I am so depressed with the situation now. I am at the stage of my life that I truly feel that my back is against the wall. It's just for now, so please let me feel this way: I am doomed to fail.

Tomorrow is a new day I can't wait to face.


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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I live another day

Okay. Remember what's killing me lately?

I was assigned to present my research updates tomorrow, but for some crazy reason held by the One that makes the universe turn, I have been saved from Doomsville. The presentation has been moved to Thursday, 6 December. Yeahhh!

Actually, there are two major reasons why my presentation is not pushing through tomorrow. One, my adviser will not be around and there's no way I'm going to present without him. Two, the research center staff members need to leave early for a commitment, so nobody will facilitate the reporting.

If you ask me, I'd like to think of it this way: the research gods see my agony and have decided to spare me this time. Thank you, thank you. I'm sure you know how I badly need more time to prepare myself for this.

Funny how things are starting to go my way now -- they usually don't! Maybe the universe is finally conspiring for my success. *insert millions of crossed fingers here*

We'll see. =)

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

ANTM Cycle 9: Episode 11

I have been following the current cycle of America's Next Top Model through YouTube, and I have to say that this cycle has become a little less than what I expected it to be.

No, I am not talking about that cycle being shown in ETC. Last time I checked, we were 2 cycles late, no thanks to geography. Friends have told me that ETC is now showing cycle 8, but that's a past cycle concluded even before August of this year.

Anyway, episode 11 of cycle 9 had Heather saying goodbye after her so-so chinese princess shoot and a very poor performance with the Go Sees. I honestly think it was time for Heather to go home since she was going down from week to week. It's true that she takes amazing photos, no doubt about that, but that's because she has a face that "the camera loves," and she need not exert too much effort on her poses. We all know that a pretty face is not enough to get her through the business.

Heather's pre-season futuristic shot

Heather's second photo shoot: Couture Rock Climbing

Don't get me wrong, I do like Heather, and for a time I thought she'd win this competition. What I do not like about her is that she became so used to being on top, that a single negative critique stressed the hell out of her and it obviously affected her performance in the competition. What frustrates me more is that she's using her Asperger's syndrome (a mild version of ADHD) as an excuse for her poor performance. It could've been better if she used her condition to prove that she has what it takes to become a model and her disability can not stop her from being one.

Well, I guess Heather's just not ready for the punches of the modeling industry. I'm afraid it's something she can't handle.

By the way, why in world is Bianca still in the competition? She should've gone home even before Lisa or Ambreal did. I dunno what Tyra sees in her. She's stiff and not fierce at all. Plus, she looks sleepy in most of her photos.

With the way things are going, looks like Saleisha is going to win this cycle. Jenah might be the runner up. Honestly, I don't like Saleisha's do; it isn't edgy for her features. And I think she still has that girl-next-door look that isn't modelish at all. On the other hand, Jenah's extensions are, ermm, messy actually. I hope she had them removed as soon as they finished shooting the cycle.

My final two

Only four are left. Let's see who's going home next week. Meanwhile, check out Heather's portfolio by clicking this.


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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Another tag from Ate Ricca. Thankies! I have another filler for my blog. This is, like, my 4th entry of the day and I am out of words. Plus, I am doing two reports due next week!

Argh! Kill me! Just please kill me! Hahaha!

FiVe tHiNgs foUnd in My bAg :

- red magic wallet
- polka-dotted umbrella (never go without it!)
- my techie kit (holds my phone, iPod, hamburger speakers, Palm Z22, and my extra phone in case I get held up! Haha!)
- a bundle of keys
- my fan! (As in pamaypay! Galit ako sa init eh!)

FivE tHinGs foUnd iN my waLLet:

- cash
- credit card
- ATM card
- Driver's License
- receipts

fiVe ThingS fOunD In My RoOm:

- books! lots of em!
- double-deck bed (I get the one on top!)
- aircon
- my beloved shoe rack
- my study table

FivE thIngS I've aLwaYs waNteD to dO:

- learn how to wakeboard
- represent my country in one event (scientific or not)
- get my PhD
- drive a truck
- travel to Brazil

fIve tHinGs I'm cuRrEntly iNto:

- doing endless reports!
- shopping! (I have to agree with Ate Ricca!)
- doing paid opps
- music, music, and more music
- bum around

I tag:

- Lia
- Emar
- Prue
- and anybody who wants to grab this tag!


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Searching for the right credit card

I am fond of using “the plastic” when I go shopping. I think it’s so much more convenient to carry a plastic card around than bringing bundles of paper bills in your wallet. Dad has been so generous to provide me an extension of his credit card and this has answered all my shopping horrors for quite some time now.

But when time comes that I need to choose a credit card of my own, I wouldn’t have second thoughts of seeking advice from

Many companies offer credit cards with different perks, but these do not necessarily apply from person to person. Who knows, even I might get something that do not fit my needs. presents free resources to help those who are deciding to get a credit card for the first time and even those who have bad credit loans. Through the site, consumers can compare credit card offers to help them choose what’s best for them. And by making on-time payments, people with bad credit histories can restore their financial records, as well as their monetary outlooks.

Check out now and let it do wonders for you!


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Buddy award!

Thanks to my cousin Ate Ricca for this award! Yipee! My third!

Ate Rix, we're more than just blogging buddies! We are YM, webcam, phone, email, puyatan, and most of all, SHOPPING buddies! Haha!

I am giving this award to people who have become blog buddies to me: Mommy Melisse, Mich, and Lilian. Spread the love!


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Try reverse-auction for a change

Recently, I’ve noticed that auctions have been the popular choice in the internet to buy/win goodies. The process of bidding is sort of exciting, in my opinion, but at the same time very challenging. I have to honestly admit that I visit auction sites often to see what’s up for grabs, and it is in these sites that I find quality buys for really low prices.

Another way of selling or buying stuff is through reverse-auction game. This usually involves giving the lowest unique bid in order to win the item, which is quite exciting if you think about it. This type of auction has not only been used in the internet, but also by mobile providers to get subscribers to participate in their promos.

I found an online site that uses reverse-auction as the mode of the game and what’s good about it is that one is not responsible for paying any money. offers contests or sweepstakes wherein registered members are allowed to have several unique guesses on an item’s price at the same time without being “bumped” by other players any time. What’s good about is that players can access the game in two ways: through the internet or through their mobile phones (so players can bid anytime and anywhere!).

The wide range of prices being given away by the site includes: HDTVs, Apple iPhones, designer bags, laptops, gaming systems, cash prize, and a whole lot more. There are also free gifts that await registered members!

Win items in time for Christmas! Visit now!


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