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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I may have ADHD. Ulllppp...

Here's what Wikipedia says about ADHD and I can relate! Hahaha! Baka mya slight case of ADHD ako! Mommy!!!!!!

The most common symptoms of ADHD are:
  • Impulsiveness: acting before thinking of consequences (i am an impulsive shopper, and i sometimes regret things i did after doing them), jumping from one activity to another (like shifting thesis from biochem to sensors), disorganization (you guys should check out my room right now), tendency to interrupt other peoples' conversations (i am a chatterbox, what can i say?)
  • Hyperactivity: restlessness (i can't stay put in one place), often characterized by an inability to sit still (told ya), fidgeting (when i'm bored during lectures and meetings), squirminess (you should see my gigil squirm dance), climbing on things (oh yes, like bell towers and light houses kesehodang may altophobia), restless sleep (i toss and turn like a disco dancing centipede sometimes.)
  • Inattention: easily distracted (daming ginagawa, nawawala sa concentration. hence, not finishing THESIS), day-dreaming (oh yessss), not finishing work (am easily bored), difficulty listening (again, i'm easily bored by mediocre thoughts.)


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