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Saturday, December 31, 2005

A post before the year ends

Okay, I just wanna greet everyone a Happy New Year!

The post about the final day of the WPO is on its way. Hang on.

So thanks to all the memories of 2005. Thanks to everyone who made this year very special to me. I wish everyone will have the best year ahead.

So yeah, happy new year to all of you! Keep your fingers safe! Would want to see all ten of them tomorrow!

A blessed new year to us! 2006 here we come!

The countdown begins...exactly 5 hours to go... woohoo!!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005


You heard me right. I went to see the World Pyro Olympics again.

Of course, going there is such a hassle...again. There was traffic...again (in Manila? As always!).

There were amazing fireworks captured by my fone...again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

and again...

and again.

I uploaded the videos, which you can download...again.

UK 1 (827 kb, 1 min 35 s)
UK 2 (627 kb, 1 min 14 s)
UK 3 (2558 kb, 4 min 59 s, this was the last part; one word: beautiful.)

There were, as usual, funny comments in the videos (again!)

Haaaaay... and I was stunned.......AGAIN!



It was not an easy day for me. First, there was no shuttle to Lawton since all schools have no classes; ergo, there were no passengers. I was forced to take the jeep, then the LRT, and another jeep to reach the school. Some effort eh? Oh, and it took me 3 hours to reach school. Dang.

Second, my freaking experiment failed for the Nth freaking time. So I have to polymerize again tomorrow. Sheeesh.

Third, traffic was heavy everywhere!!! Did everyone receive cars for Christmas? The roads should be clear because there are no classes. But no!!! They're not! Waaaaah!

Anyway, I called Leah and told her I wanted to watch the WPO last night (Dec 28). We agreed (Peter, Leah, and myself) to meet at SM after Leah's office hours. That was around 7:30 pm.

Suddenly I realized that I'll first be at the EDSA station of the LRT (where we will pass by when we go to the WPO) before reaching SM. So I called Leah and told her I'll just wait for them somewhere along EDSA (Pasay).

I went to McDo to have my dinner and waited there for 1 hour. Leah finally texted me and told me to wait up; they were stuck in Magallanes because of the heavy traffic. I waited for 30 minutes or so, then they finally arrived.

The road from Pasay Rotonda to the Heritage Hotel was jam-packed with cars which I bet are going to WPO too. We crossed Roxas Blvd and EDSA Ext. and the traffic was even more horrible (see pic above). When we reached the intersection were Blue Wave is, the road was already blocked and cars were not allowed to enter anymore. We were forced to turn left at Diosdado Macapagal Ave.

Then suddenly UK started firing behind the Mall of Asia. Cars in front of us stopped. Kesehodang nasa gitna ng daan. They stopped and got off their cars. We stopped too and so did the other cars behind us. We went to the open field just so we could get a good view of the fireworks, although our view last Monday was better (the fireworks were directly overhead us). Imagine four lanes of parked cars. In an open road, that is. Wow.

I took videos and a pic. The pic wasn't so good because we we're kinda far but the videos are okay. The pics above are clips from the videos I took.

I wasn't able to watch Russia because we came late. I also didn't watch Germany and Korea last Tuesday because it was raining so hard here in Paranaque. I can't watch South Africa and USA later because I will attend a vicariate-wide gathering. I missed and would miss lots of things so I am trying to convince Leah and Peter to go on Friday for the closing (and probably the best day) of the WPO. Peter said I need to convince him 5% more.

Hah, 5%? Piece of cake.


I bet my blog will soon turn into a fireworks blog. I'm such a fireworks freak this week. Please bear with me.


Countdown: less than a month before my birthday. Ahh.. the perks of having your birthday a month after Christmas... but then that would be in another post.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It was a blast and I was stunned

Last night was a blast. Literally.

I went with Peter, Leah and five other youth members of the Parish to see the opening cermenonies of the World Pyro Olympics (WPO) held at the reclamation area where the huge SM Mall of Asia is being constructed. It was damn good and I only have one word to say: amazingstunningsupercalifragilisticexpialidociusshetanggandaputangina-parangwalanangbukassaganda.

We went there at around 6:00 pm, thinking that it won't take long to get there since we're just near the venue. As we turn to EDSA in Pasay, the whole road was jammed with buses, cars, and jeepneys. Peter said, "Looks like all roads lead to Diosdado Macapagal Ave. ha." Can't be, I thought.

First, the event was not widely advertised, at least in my opinion. I don't think I saw it in TV. Peter just read about it in a news paper. It was advertised in a short article he said. I'm just not sure if this is the first WPO because I have never heard of it before. But for 2005, the Philippines is the host of the event, hence it's being held here.

On with our adventure. Crossing Taft Ave, traffic became moderate. We were still hoping not a lot of people are going there until we reached the reclamation area right across Roxas Blvd. We probably didn't move an inch for at least 10 minutes.

Some cars started parking on both sides of EDSA Ext. We thought of just parking there too but the venue is still too far. We haven't passed by Blue Wave yet. It's going to be one marathon to get there. So Peter drove some more until we reached the Mall of Asia. Thing is, the guards won't let us park there; they're telling us to go park at the Shrine of Jesus the Truth, the Way, and the Life. That's hell far.

We are law-abiding citizens, but a lot of cars started parking along the whole stretch of the SM Offices already. Guards won't let us do that but can they stop the 500 + cars? Guess not. So we double-parked and soon at least 50 cars followed us. Harhar.

We started walking until we reached the entrance of the WPO venue.

We needed a ticket to get in, 100 pesos they said. A lot of people settled outside, so we did too because it's free. But the Mall of Asia is partly blocking the view, and we were quite far.

The event soon started. China was the first to display their work.

You know Chinese, they're firework-ish.

I was expecting more from China, but their entry didn't really impress me much. Although at first I thought it was already good... until I watched the next country, Australia.

We wanted a closer view. During the break Peter decided to go through the talahib in front of us and see where it gets us. We followed him and soon 20 - 25 people followed us. Since it is a construction site, there were a lot of rocks, sand, and mud. I stepped into one puddle of mud and it ate my feet like quicksand. I was pissed.

We reached the other road but suddenly two guards stopped us. They said we can't go walking anymore because it's not allowed to go there. I was even more pissed. Don't tell me I have to walk through mud again.

Good thing a lot of people followed us. They won't turn back, so we told the guards to let them go back before we follow. In the middle of the pagtataboy Peter shouted, "Mabuhay ang mga guards!" and the people behind us shouted back, "Mabuhay!" We laughed our heads off. It was hilarious! And the guards just couldn't do anything. After much talk, they allowed us to pass through.

We then reached an area where the people paid the entrance fee. I figured that was the reason why the guards won't let us pass. Avy and I felt like we needed to pee but the lines for girls were so long so I told Avy to look at the gents' portalets if it has the same toilet bowl and all because no one was lining up there. Avy said yes. So we lined up along the guys' line and there was a Mom who asked us, "Why are you lining up there?" Then I told her, "It's just the same thing. Besides, no one's using it." She then went to my line with her kids. Hah.

We placed our mat a few meters behind the sea wall. Fireworks were being fired from a ship on the sea so we were in the perfect site. The national anthem of Australia was played and we stood up as sign of respect. I can't wait to see their entry. Soon the sky was colored blue, red, green, and yellow. The fireworks were so close to us (directly overhead us) and it felt like the debris would fall on our heads. With all the sparkles and star-like twinkling thingies, I knew what it was like to be the words in the Star Wars movies that fly through the starry sky. I knew what it felt like to be flying through space.

I felt surrounded by chandeliers and stars. All twinkling and sparkling. Haaaay... it was some view.

I didn't have the chance to take lots of pics because I was busy taking videos with my fone. Yep, I placed some videos here and you can download them.

China 1 (882 kb, 1 min 42 s)
China 2 (506 kb, 58 s)
China 3 (1149 kb, 2 min 14 s)
China 4 (274 kb, 36 s, this was the ending and it was so beautiful)
Australia 1 (1085 kb, 2 min 35 s, this was the start of their entry so my hands were shaking from excitement and we were all magulo)
Australia 2 (2779 kb, 8 min 2 s, this was the last 8 to 10 minutes of their entry. The last part was stunning.)

I think the files open using Nokia Media Player and Real Player. The extension name is .3gp and I'm not sure what other players can recognize this type of file. If you get to open it, just beware of our comments "Ang ganda!", "Grabehh!", "Wow!", "Nangangawit na leeg ko!" and my pamatay na comment "Magkaka-kulani na ako sa kili-kili."

The WPO runs till December 30, 2005. Everyday two countries will be presenting. Here's the sched:

Dec 26 - China and Australia
Dec 27 - Germany and South Korea
Dec 28 - Russia and UK
Dec 29 - USA and South Africa
Dec 30 - UAE and Philippines plus a Fellowship of Fire by all participating countries.

Events start at 7 pm onwards. We will be there again tonight and tomorrow night because I want to watch Russia and UK. I want to go on the 29th and the 30th too but Leah and Peter will attend a Vicariate-wide activity. Waaaah! I wanna watch my country and the fellowship thingie! I'm sure it will be exciting!

I have to run now. I still have lab work to do. It will be a long, blasting day for me. =)

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Here's to Kuya!

It's almost the end of the year but the year will not end without celebrating my Kuya's birthday.

To my Kuya, for being my strength, my refuge, my comfort, my all...

I want you to know that I'm so thankful that I have you. No matter how hard life is I will always come back to you and I will always love you more day by day. I can't wait till your next birthday! You are the reason for the season. Mahal na mahal kita!

Happy birthday Kuya Jess! Basta Ikaw!

(The life-size Kuya Jess painting above is courtesy of Better Living Days With the Lord.)


Merry Christmas to everyone! May you all be blessed with the Lord's grace always. Muah!

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The only reason why I came to Paskuhan...

...was the fireworks.

Yes, the fireworks.

And of course, I was there to attend our class dinner.

I went to school early to distribute my gifts. I found the Phytochem people doing their thesis. I needed to make kulit with them a bit.

I took some Christmas decors from their lab and put them on me.

Later on, we went to the open field to witness the beautiful fireworks display. This Paskuhan was much more crowded than last year's. There were a lot of people. Not only students, professors, and employees but outsiders as well.

It was so dark at first then the giant Christmas tree lit up, as well as the Main Building, and suddenly the sky turned into one glowing, twinkling playground.

We went to Shakey's in Espana to have dinner because the lines for the free foods (McDo, Shakey's, Kenny, KFC, etc.) were soooo long, waiting for our turn would take forever. It was dinner, reunion, pictures, and so much kwento.

I swear we had lots of pics, they're just not uploaded yet. Will post them as soon as Lani gets them online. (PSSSSSST! Lani! Post mo na!)

Miss you guys so much. We should meet up in January together with the organizers of the Christmas dinner who , ehem, weren't able to attend.

Attention Teij and Kit! Attendance is a must!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Holiday work

It's the 23rd, 1 day before Christmas, and I'm still here in the lab working with the other researchers and students.

I've been distilling my monomer for three days now, thanks to Chris' baby distillation set-up that can only carry 15 ml of sample. But Chris, it was really a great help to us. So yeah, thanks a lot! Oh, and I love the cookies! Muah!

Anyway, I was washing some reagent bottles a while ago when I remembered some things about last Christmas. I had more gifts, more moolah (bwahaha!), but I was unhappy because of my research last year. I remember spending the whole vacation doing my thesis, with the 25th as the only day-off. And now, look at me. I'm still doing research on the 23rd but the only difference is that now I'm sort of enjoying the stuff I do.

Anyway, one thing I love about the holiday season is that family members and friends come home to spend Christmas in the Philippines. Two of my friends are coming home this weekend, both I missed spending Christmas with last year.

One of them is Julien who is probably one of my closest friends in the village. I remember making chika with her, laughing with her, shopping with her, and crying with her over, ehem, boys. We made this promise that if we marry a guy who has a child already, we will be evil stepmoms. Hahaha... That was before, now I'm sure we are more mature to handle something like that. Or so we think we are. But I love kids! I really do!

So the next days or weeks will be moments I am going to spend with dear friends who are home once again. Yep, can't wait!

Now I'm back to work again. Duty calls!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Remember Dear Professor?

Dear Professor declared Wednesday as a no-class day, therefore our reporting, postponed for the Nth time, will be scheduled next year.

I think I'll kiss him 2456 more times for that.

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It's for real. Christmas is on its way.

Six days before Christmas. Wow.

I feel really excited when it's Christmas time. The weather's good, lights twinkling everywhere, and there's always gift-giving.

I used to get a lot of gifts and/or money. But as my age increases, the gifts I receive decrease. It really doesn't matter; Jesus is the reason for the season, although sometimes I wish there were more gifts.

Anyway, every year our university celebrates Christmas with this event called Paskuhan. For this year, our Paskuhan is scheduled tomorrow, 20 December 2005. Weeks before the Paskuhan, the whole campus is lit with amazing lights and a big Christmas tree found in the grandstand.

After our Research Center Christmas party, I took some photos of the campus during night time. And believe me, it was a beautiful sight.

This is the street fronting the Grad School.

This is the street in front of the Botanical Garden and the Chapel.

This is the parking area in front of the Main Building with star-shaped lights.

Even the trees along Lover's Lane were wrapped with lights.

And of course, the Main Building was the main attraction of them all. This building housed me for four years.

Europe? Nah, just Manila. Here's a more magnificent view. Giant and imposing.

Sorry for the blurred shots, I took the pics without flash kasi. Hehe..

Anyway, tomorrow is Paskuhan and there will be fireworks, dancing, prizes, party, and free food. But what I am most excited about is our class get-together. We'll all celebrate Paskuhan together again, for the fifth straight time and the first after graduation. Yebah!


Christmas parties are everywhere. Last night was our Parish Youth Ministry's turn to celebrate. The Better Living Dazers came for our presentation for the night.

We did what we do best during our Weekends: the Entertainment, with a twist of course. Everybody laughed so hard and yes, we won best presentation. =)


Last Friday, I felt like eating Bibingka at around 9:00 pm. I can't wait till simbang gabi, I HAD to eat bibingka ASAP. So I called Leah and Peter to come with me and find a Bibingka vendor.

We landed in Makati. Icebergs in Makati.

I ordered Mango Tango Split, which was really really good.

We then went home and I decided to stay up until 4:30 am to wait for simbang gabi and eat bibingka. But then I fell asleep.

I woke up at 12:00 noon and I realized it's waaaaay too late for simbang gabi. There's always a next simbang gabi. Yun nga lang, I was too early for it. Haaaaay...

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

LTO is the government's biggest joke. Ever.

I first attempted to have a student's driving permit when I was 16 years old. My Tito had a friend then who works in LTO, so we sort of have connections.

The office looked strict; many things were required to be passed. I thought, hey it's supposed to be easy with this guy right? So maybe they were really strict and all and everybody must comply with the rules, with no exceptions. To cut the long story short, I didn't get my permit. I went through a lot of trouble just to be able to get the damn permit so I thought, "Next time nalang."

Two years later, I came back to LTO (in Sucat) hoping to finally get a permit. The process is now easy, just 30 mins, and tatah! The permit's there! You just have to control yourself not to laugh in front of the LTO people because their colored ink is running out and even so they would still print your picture. I could barely identify myself, I could only see my hair. But who cares? It's still a permit.

I used the permit until it expired. I never had the chance to get a license because I had no time to go to the main office. So I got another one, since I need to keep one for at least two months in order to apply for a non-professional license.

Last Thursday, I met up with Raffy early in the morning (7 am) to finally get a license. His permit was about to expire soon so he needs to get a non-pro license already. As for me, I was just taking advantage of the no classes day. I literally had to crawl out of bed, drag myself to take a bath, and try my hardest to keep my eyes open. In short, it got me exerting some real effort.

As soon as we got off the foot bridge along Roxas Boulevard, a guy greeted us with, "LTO kayo boss?" We just ignored him. We promised to ourselves that we will not deal with any fixers because that will make us spend double.

It was a long walk to reach the office. From time to time people would come to us asking if we are going to LTO. We just shook our heads and told them we're good, we don't need help. Charing!

As first timers, we really don't know the process when applying for a license. It was sort of different from applying for a student's permit. We didn't want to ask just anybody, we might fall for the fixers' baits so we decided to ask the guys sitting around the table with a banner "Customer Service." The guys were in uniforms with real IDs and they are really from LTO, but we later on found out that they are also fixers themselves.

We approached this guy we called Hepe for reasons you shall know later on. I asked him where could we get the forms for application of a NP license. He asked for our student's permit plus the receipt. He stapled them together and told us, "Sige sumama na kayo dyan kay Jenny (not her real name) para mapa-drug test na kayo." I was still hoping Hepe was not a fixer. I asked Jenny if we can choose which drug testing center to go to. She said all centers there were accredited by LTO, so she's just assigning us to one already. I didn't think she understood my question.

We first went to a small room with letters and colors posted on the wall, like those you see when having your eyes checked or when buying eye glasses. The woman asked me to cover one eye and read the written letters. I read all the small letters then she wrote something on my record. It was supposed to mean I passed the medical test. That was a medical test? Since when? Says who?

We then went to this drug testing center, filled up a form, and we were given vials where to place our "sample." Raffy said he doesn't feel like peeing yet so he waited a while. It was my turn to take my sample. At first I didn't feel like peeing but when I saw the toilet bowl, I felt like peeing already! Wow, the magic of a toilet bowl!

While filling up the rest of our forms Jenny whispered something to my ear, "Ate, 1200 lang para sa exam. Kasi pag bumagsak ka dun isang buwan ulit bago makaulit. Bale 1500 kasama tong drug test at medical." Uh-oh. We really have fallen for the bait. The worst part is, we can't turn back. So I talked to Raffy, I told him at least we'll get the card on the same day and we don't have to go back to pick it up. Jenny won't stop following us, she won't leave us. And it's just money. We'll earn it someday. So we agreed to deal with Jenny, the fixer.

Jenny is actually connected to Hepe. On our way back to Hepe's table Jenny said, "Yung lalaki, pamangkin ni hepe yun eh." Ah. Ganun ba? Haha..

Our names were then called for the picture-taking. Jenny said we'll be called in a while to pay for some fee but she paid for that already so we'll just tell the cashier, "Jenny paid for us." The cashier called Raffy's name after 2000 years of waiting. My name was supposed to be called after Raffy's but it wasn't. After 2 hours, I still didn't hear my name. I told Jenny with the bitchiness in me, "Bakit ang tagal? Eh di parang pumila din kami nyan." That got her moving.

It was lunch already and the office will be closed for one hour. We ate at McDonalds. In the middle of my meal I saw Jenny heading our table. She came to tell me that my name wasn't called because my application was forwarded already to the testing room. She left, then we laughed hard. There were at least 20 fast food chains in Coastal Mall and Jenny found us. Coolness.

The first batch of examinees (after lunch break) were called and our names were included. A part of our deal with Jenny and Hepe was that we won't get zero in the exam. Not that we can't answer it, it was just part of the payment. My goal was really to get the card so I don't have to go back for it.

While inside the testing room, we were asked to review some old test booklets that have answers. Instructions were given; we had to shade circles for our answers. We were called one by one to get our test questions and answer sheets. While waiting for our turns, which by the way took another 2000 years, Raffy and I observed the examinees. There were some who answered seriously, took their time to read each question carefully. There were those who scratched their heads as if they have head lice. There was one who looked calm.

The one guy who caught my attention was the one sitting next to me. He looked 40-50 yrs old. He was looking at the test paper of the one behind him. Then he took a pen and began writing the guy's answers on his palm. Raffy and I were laughing our heads off. One LTO official had to literally ssshhh us.

I was called to take the test and found out the reason why it takes the LTO guy so long to call the names. It was because he was placing small marks on the circles of the correct answers on the answer sheet. It appears that our application forms have marks indicating that we paid a fixer. Anyway, the LTo guy was sort of explaining, "O eto, may sagot na yan hanggang 26 lang. 30 ang kailangan para pumasa. Ikaw na bahala sa apat." I took the test, answered it on my own and checked whether my answer was the marked answer.

After the exam I asked Raffy about his exam and found out that we have different set of questions that's why it took the LTO guy a while to mark the correct answers. It's because the answers weren't the same for all sets. Then we thought of the guy who wrote the answers on his palm like a kid. Poor guy, what if he didn't get the same set as the guy he copied answers from? Tsk tsk.

Raffy and I waited outside for our names to be called. We then paid Jenny the remaining 1200 pesos. She gave back some 400+ saying we'll be paying in the cashier because she had to leave. And we again waited for 2000+++ years. The cashier finally called us and told us to wait some more for our license's release.

It was around 6:00 pm when our names were finally called. We got our licenses all right, but Raffy's kinda disappointed because he found out that he didn't fix his hair too well. I also found out that I look haggard in the pic so that got me pretty disappointed too. But who cares? It's just the police who will look at it.

Before going out of the office I saw this big sign that says "Do not deal with Fixers." Oh yeah? Dude, your own officials are fixers! Greedy people who wants money money money. Yeah, we had a fixer but it took us 12 hours to finish everything. Great help from the fixer eh?

Haaay naku. Ang sistema nga naman sa Pilipinas.


11 days before Christmas!! Woohoo! Here's a part of my Xmas wishlist:

1) Havaianas
2) Havaianas
3) Havaianas
4) Bulgari perfume
5) DVDs
6) good book
7) nice pair of jeans
8) bags
9) fluffy pillows
10) iPod leather case

Just in case you plan on giving me Havaianas for Christmas, my size is 39 - 40. Brazilian size.


It's been really cold lately. I was doing homework the other day at 2:00 am and it was damn cold. I needed to put a jacket on.

I needed a break from all the Quantum Mechanics stuff so I had another shot.

And another.

And another one that looks just like the one before it.

Who says I'm vain?


Congratulations to all Filipino athletes for being the over-all SEA Games champs! Hats off to all of you! Go Philippines!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why I can kiss Dear Professor 27856 times

After spending the whole of yesterday thinking about my ability and knowledge in Organic Chemistry, I have finally decided to drop one of my subjects this sem, which requires skill in analysis using org chem principles.

The very reason why I'm dropping the subject is because it focuses on the subject I hate the most. I was forced to take this subject because no other subject was available and I have to take 18 academic units. After 4 or 5 meetings, I realized I'm not going to do good in this subject. I realized I'd be dead soon.

Anyway, I came to the GS Dean's office this morning to seek advice from Dr. Sison and I also wanted to ask her what are the consequences of dropping this subject in the middle of the sem. I told her org chem is not my cup of tea. I told her I'd rather swim in dirt than take org chem. I told her I'd choose to walk on Antarctica naked than take org chem. I told her I'd stick a bucket of yucky worms on my head just to avoid org chem. Okay, okay, it's OA. I just told her I abhor org chem and so I'm dropping the freakin subject.

I told her I'm planning to take a cognate subject this summer to make up for the subject I'm dropping. She said there will be no conflict as long as I complete the required academic units. But she also emphasized that I might have problems with the scholarship. Then I realized I have to think hard again.

I went to the College of Science Dean's Office to talk to my adviser. I was hoping he could shed more light on the "dropping" implications. He strongly encouraged me to continue with the subject, saying that dropping it would not be good for my record in DOST.

On my way to the stairs, still depressed, I met my professor in the subject I'm planning to drop. From now on let us call him Dear Professor. Dear Professor told me we wouldn't meet tomorrow because he has something important to attend to. He will just leave some seat work. In front of him I said, "Yes! Yes! (with matching hila ng fist move)"

You see, my head is about to be placed on a chopping board tomorrow. I have a big report to make and I'm not even 0.5% done. When reporting in front of Dear Professor, it's like seating on an electric chair or standing in front of a firing squad or being burned alive. With Dear Professor as the teacher and with org chem as the subject, it's a highway to death.

Since the reporting was cancelled twice already, I think I now have more time to prepare. I have more time to get my protecting gears ready. Haha!

Thanks, Dear Professor. You gave me the sign I needed. I shall face you next week, but till then it will be torture.

So there, I'm not dropping the subject. I'll just work my ass off till my stem cells die of fatigue. Haaaay... patience is truly a virtue.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

That darn Sunsilk song

For the past week, I noticed that my page loads in just a day increased by almost 50%. I do check my site stats once in a while to know who's visiting my site--thanks a lot, by the way!--their entry sites, countries where they came from, the browser they use and even the resolution of their monitors.

What caught my attention are the words they type in search engines, which eventually led them to this blog. My page loads increased because of the search for this: the Sunsilk commercial song.

Much to my amusement, I found the lyrics in a fellow blogger's comments page. Just in time for my search, but quite late for my friend's desperation because he's now gone.

I don't know the title of the song--I don't even think it's a song. It's short, ergo it must have been composed/made solely for the commercial. Anyway, here it is. That darn Sunsilk song.

Sunsilk Soft Touch Lyrics

You turn my head
But instead
I feel so lonely
I feel for you
I've got to say
You put a spell on me

I open my eyes
Softly and wide
'Round the flower
You're my sunshine

I open my eyes
Softly and wide
'Round the flower
You're my sunshine...

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Literary Shit

I can't sleep. I tried reading my report for tomorrow but I really can't concentrate. I read some old magazines and Archie comics but I'm still far from being sleepy.

Finally, I came to read a poem published in a lit folio last year.


Isang saglit lang
Aking hinihingi
Ilingon mo sa akin
mga mata mong
duyan ng kahapon.

Samahan mo akong
maglakbay sa nakaraan
At ating balikan
oras nang walang tigil
na paglalakad sa ulap.

Hayaan mong liwanag
ay bumuhos muli
sa ating bukas.

At doon tayo'y
magkasamang mangangarap.

-Dorcas Crooc
(published in Mirage Vol.8 No. 1)

I was thinking of someone when I made this nonesense, shitty, eeww-worthy poem. But a while ago when I read it (after 2758 years), it seemed different. It felt different.

Oh shit. Senti times are back again.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Brain dead. As in.

Honestly, I want to make a blog entry but I'm too lazy to construct paragraphs. Just so I could put in what I want to write (sorta!), I'm going to make use of bullets.

* Went to Walter Mart in Makati to buy stuff for tomorrow's food fair.
* Walter Mart was closing, so we shopped for 15 minutes (beat that!) .
* Met Anna and Raffy at TGIF.
* Went to IO in Jupiter.
* Peter went insane with Nirvana's All Apologies.

I realized that my supposedly posted posts are too delayed already. There's no use posting them pa.

(Actually, I just can't recall what happened. I don't want to think anymore. Bleh!)

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dude, shake Jesus' hands for me.

Two weeks ago, I became so desperate to know the title of the Sunsilk song. I used all possible search engines. I typed key words of the lyrics but lady luck wasn't on my side. However, I found other people who were also looking for the song's title. One of them was Lenard.

I used to visit Lenard's blog every now and then to check if he found the song already. At least once, he visited mine to tell me (through the Tag Board) that he hasn't found it yet.

Now, I visit Lenard's site to read his friends' last words to him.

I learned last Tuesday that he's gone. It was Sunday when he made his last blog entry, hours before some people decided to take his life. And just like that, no more Lenard. It was unfair. Very, very unfair.

I don't really know him personally. But what happened got me really affected. Why? Because he's just my age. I read how he spent each day of his life, enjoying and loving every minute of it, just like how I spend mine. And like me, he too has many dreams. He's not yet at the peak of his career. He was still preparing to dance with moon beams and sunshines. The party was just getting started.

Then everything came to a close.

Goodbye, Lenard. I'm sure you'll be missed by many people. Heaven has sent its angels down to give you your wings. Please shake Jess' hands for me. Hug Him tight. Enjoy paradise.

Say goodbye to Lenard at Let's all pray for him.


As usual, I have delayed blog entries again which I shall post *hopefully* tomorrow. Gaawwwd..I have a big test coming up and I still have no idea how I'll study the test coverage.

I think I need your prayers too.

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