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Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello there, Sidekick and W130!!

After traveling almost 1000 miles from the other side of the Mother Earth, my babies are finally here!!! I've been waiting for my newest gadgets to arrive since i bought them February this year and I can't get over the fact that they are actually right here in my loving arms! Haha! Hello, Sidekick II and Sony Cybershot W130. I am your new master, serve me well. =)

Sobrang tagal na nito at sobrang kaba ang inabot ko sa mga ito. A few of my friends prolly know how worried I was during the whole shipping thing from sellers to my cousin, then from my cousin to my friend. Grabe. Huminto ang mundo. Hay salamat. Makakahinga na rin ako sa wakas!

Sidekick II!

At first, I was more excited to get the fone more than the camera. Why? Una, walang Sidekick sa Pilipinas so I was so thrilled to spot a reliable seller in the US selling it for, well, a relatively cheap price. Second, I love the swivel screen! I thought kasi slide sya then I found out swivel pala. Ang cool cool kaya. Sobra.

Actually, it's an old Sidekick model. Thing is, this and the Sidekick 2008 are the only tri-band Sidekick phones, which means sila lang ang pwede sa Pilipinas. The unlocked Sidekick 2008 retails at around USD300 (or more!) so sobrang mahal na yun para sa dukhang katulad ko. I got my unlocked Sidekick II for, believe it or not, less than USD100. LESS THAN 100, DUDE. Less than 100. It's not even dumb luck. It's retarded luck!!

So anyway, I bought it off from a seller in New York and the had it shipped to my cousin in Stockton, California. From my cousin, it was sent to my friend Joey in East Bay in California. And then finally, Joey brought it home to Manila. I actually didn't know at first if Joey got the package because she wasn't replying to my mails so sobrang panic mode ako the whole 3 weeks. I was even forced to create a Myspace account just to contact her. Thank God her sister Sam replied to my Facebook message!

I met Joey during lunch to get the items and I almost cried when she gave them to me. After traveling 9552 miles (from NY to Stockton, from Stockton to Antioch, from Antioch to Manila), it's finally here! I went staight to Ate Pea's house in Manila kasi I had to wait for Mom there and I quickly checked out the phone. You should've seen the smile on my face when I got hold of my Sidekick. Pati si Joaqui naki usyoso! Hahaha!

Medyo I got disappointed lang kasi the rubber bumpers were blue! (The actual blue shade is darker than the one shown in the pic) Not that I don't like the color blue, but the phone looks so masculine with it! The bumpers are usually dark grey and I dunno why the heck mine's blue! Ackkkk! Now I'm forced to shop for new bumpers online kasi I won't find them locally naman. I'm getting either pink or orange or maybe white. Plus, the interface is so not user-friendly. I guess it takes a lot of getting used to (pati yung QWERTY keyboard).

Nonetheless, my Sidekick still rocks! No one has texted or called me up on my Sidekick so I can't really tell kung ano ang experience using it. Plus, I have tons of numbers to transfer pa, it'll prolly take days to finish setting up the phone. So we'll see how this goes. Medyo na-tatanga pa ako eh. Trial period is on =)


When I opened my W130 Cybershot, grabe, nakalimutan ko and disappointment ko sa Sidekick! I got even more excited sa cam! Hay salamat. May kapalit na ang Olympus ko na 42 years old na yata. *whew*

Of course my Olympus will always have a special place in my heart (naks!) kasi we've been through a lot already: WOW Philippines adevntures, my Visayan sojourn, Davao escapade, Chem Congresses, international Chem conferences, Melbourne and Sydney trip, World Youth Day!!, DWTL Annivs, burdays, gatherings, wasted gimik nights, sleepovers, and lotsa crazy lab moments. But I guess all good things must meet their end. 4 megapixels is so not cool anymore. It's time to move on na talaga (though the W130 model isn't exactly new).

Well, the W130 was also a bargain. I got it for less than USD140 kaya sobrang good deal na. I wanted a better version of the W series but the most updated version na may rose pink na color ay yung W130 lang. It travelled from Tennessee to Stockton to East Bay to Manila, 8940 miles in total. Grabe, if only my gadgets are Mabuhay milers I'm sure may round trip ticket for two na ako to a domestic destination!

I've always wanted a Sony cam and I dunno why Dad got me an Olympus. Kala nya yata microscope ang gusto ko. Hahaha! Pero finally. Salamat naman. *insert big big smile here* Im so looking forward to my summer trips with my friends (though walang plano, I'm sure magakakron yan! Barx! Shnoitz! Dazers! Tara na!!!) and my Manalangsang family (eto definitely matutuloy kahit bumabagyo pa!) para mabinyagan na ang camera! Actually, Joaqui, Dom and I already used it kagad. Si Joaqui kasi excited eh. Mana sa ninang at sa nanay! Hahaha!

Haaay. I <3 you, Cybershot. Here's to more years of togetherness and adventures!

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